Huntington Beach – Huntington Beach, California

Ahhhh . . . a moment of surf and sun . . . Huntington Beach, one of my most favorite places to go. One of our families favorite places to go in fact. Back when I was in college 4 of my buddies and I headed to the Waterfront Resort when my friend Curtis’ uncle managed the place. It is such a nice hotel, just a stones throw from the famous Huntington Pier, shown here on this lovely postcard.  Continue reading


Hole N’ the Rock – Moab, Utah

There is nothing like paying money to hang out in somebody’s creepy underground living room is there? I say that kidding of course. This is Hole N’ the Rock, Moab Utah and it really is just that, a visit to the past through the Christensen’s home hand carved in a sandstone rock. It kind of reminds me of the movie Blast From the Past. We went there a few times in our travels around rural Utah when I was a kid. Looks like it was 1987 when I picked this postcard up. Look how creative I was with my spelling! Backwards “J” for the win! Continue reading


Solitude Mountain Resort – Utah

Solitude Mountain Resort is a ski resort located in the Big Cottonwood Canyon of the Wasatch Mountains, thirty miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah. With 66 trails, 1,200 acres (4.9 km2) and 2,047 feet (624 m) vertical, Solitude is one of the smaller ski resorts near Salt Lake City, along with its neighbor Brighton.

I grew up at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon, I love this area! Tonight I am actually staying up at Solitude resort. It’s gorgeous up here! Fresh mountain air, good friends and colleagues to hang out with and cool temps. My good buddy Michael gave me this postcard he picked up from the gift shop today. Thanks Mike! Continue reading


Seattle Center / Space Needle – Seattle, Washington

When I got this postcard we were visiting family in the Mukilteo area of Seattle which is part of the Puget Sound. This area is honestly one of the prettiest places I have been. My wife went to high school in the area and lived there for half a decade (although I didn’t know her at the time I was there as a kid). My great Uncle and Aunt’s home overlooked the Puget Sound and had incredible views! Shortly after we visited the area I remember hearing my great Aunt ran for mayor, or city council or something of the area and won. Continue reading